The Marketing Secret

This, my friends, is the secret to successful marketing.

Step One: Create anything.

Really, anything. It doesn’t need to even be that great. Just find something. It can even be something someone already has. Their product can even be better than yours, because they, my friend, don’t know the secret.

Step two: Tease them.

Get your name out. Tell people what your name is and that your product is awesome. Tell them that it is incredible. It might be smart to not tell them what it is or even what it does. If you have the bucks, pay someone that people like to share your teaser. Everyone in town is going to be curious of who the heck you are.

Step Three: Be exclusive.

Make people want you. People like to be on the inside. People like to be in a club. You even like clubs. So, give them what they want. Launch a “beta” version of your “whatever”. Give away like, 20 invites. People will be so jealous that they didn’t get one. Give them a few invites to give to their friends. Then those that they didn’t give one to will be jealous. Now you’ve got them tied around your fingers. They’re yours. Get ready to start rolling in the dough.

Look out for my next post where I will teach you the next critical move for your marketing plan..

Step Four: How to recover when you promised something great and didn’t deliver.

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