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Today I had the incredible experience of sitting in on a small discussion with Christian singer and songwriter Jason Upton. Now I hadn’t heard too much of his stuff before I heard he was coming to The Father’s House, but I knew he has had a huge impact on people that have had a huge impact on me. So in some strange linking of events, he’s made an impact on me.

What he said this afternoon that really resonated with me was how we let our own personal success cap us off from progressing any farther. We find this comfort when we reach a mountain top moment, where we want to hang out on top of the mountain for as long as we can. You see, we really like how it feels on top of the mountain. Our success is visible from all angles and we have “a name” for ourselves. But the absolute dumbest thing to do in this moment is assume we will succeed any farther. For that very moment is a result of the hard work and the experiences that had preceded it. Our next point of “success” must consist of more hard work and more experiences, meaning, we have to go in to the valley. For the valley is where we are to be creative, as we were made by God to be, to pursue what is further ahead.

I can think of many areas where in one point I have been stagnant in my creative and artist expression. In my spiritual life, in my studies, in my music, in my writing, in my message preparation..

Great thoughts from Jason Upton. Such a bummer I couldn’t make the show tonight though.

In what ways have you been stagnant and limited in your pursuit of personal creativity?

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