Four Songs vs. Twenty Minutes

Too many of our church worship sets are put together like cars rather than movies.

Cars need to have the right parts. 4 wheels. A steering wheel. Exhaust. Lights. And brakes. PLEASE, put breaks on that thing.

But cars are different than movies.

Movies have themes, characters, emotions, scenes. You don’t start writing the script for a movie by coming up with how many scenes you’ll need or how many characters you want to have. These things come, but the story has to come first.

Worship leaders, music directors, what is the story you want to tell? What are the emotions you want your church to feel this weekend? What kind of praises do you want to send up? What element of the story have you been missing out on?

God has an incredible story in Christ that he has laid out from the beginning to the end.

You’ve got our attention for 20 minutes this weekend. Four songs? Maybe. Take us on a journey.

Help point us towards Christ and experience the fullness of joy that he has for us.

Heck, it’s a lot more fun that way too.

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  1. Luke says:

    Love this!! So true… i want to be taken on journey!….
    Your transitions as a worship leader need to be thought through as well… it needs to take me in the direction the spirit is moving, otherwise i’m lost at an intersection.

    thanks Sean!

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