Context is Everything. Almost.

This may sound strange coming from me. I am always the one that drills being aware of the importance of context in everything we do.

We need to be aware of where we are, we are speaking to, and what we are speaking to them about. You can give an incredible speech or sermon, sing an incredible song, or present a brilliant presentation.. but if you are in front of the wrong audience your work is pointless.

In application, context is everything.
In learning, context is nothing.

When you are learning, there will always be a temptation to strictly connect what you are discovering to the area of study you are discovering it in. But what I am learning more and more is that the farther we pull what we are learning from the context we are learning about it in, the more we will actually discover.

For example:

I never thought 9 years of playing violin would allow me to lead music teams today.
I never thought my 8 years of wearing a Boy Scout uniform would prepare me for leadership now
I never thought that awkward school board speech in 8th grade would be what I needed to to speak in front of hundreds..
and I am yet to discover why I had to take some of those classes in college

Is context everything? Almost.

Blend everything. Ask questions. Create a mess.

It’s in the mess of things that beauty and brilliance are discovered.

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