Guest Post | Relationships, Love, and Maintaining Identity

Guest Blogger
Rachel Henderson | Roberts CRU

Recently I have been experiencing the power of relationship and love.

It is completely like nothin¬¬g else I’ve experienced in all of my 20 years. And yeah…I know I probably just made myself sound 40 years old right there, but it’s true! I may have also sounded like I’m ready to jump on board the marriage train and run away but that is definitely not the case. Instead I would rather hope to sound like this, a wise young woman who for the first time is seeing a vision of love played out and not through somebody else but through her!

But (because there is always a but) while I feel this wild emotion of the human and universal capability to love someone greater than yourself, there is still something in me that wants to go out and experience the world on my own. You see the fear of being alone for some is part of a routine; they never really venture out into the wild because it is a daunting process. That is why many fall into this mundane, scheduled, embedded way of life and belief, which even (yes it is possible) holds true for Christians. And for myself being a full believer in Christ I am here to break the mold of such oppressive behavior. See to know your identity is to know that there are events in your life that will happen not because of “coincidence” but because of destiny. And because you know yourself you won’t be fooled by those who say your mission is for one city or town. In fact you will come to realize that your mission is for the entire world, and maybe that world is a world that isn’t being reached by your peers, the people who tell you who you are. In fact that world may be that of the homeless man, the atheists, or the enraged youth.

That brings me to this connecting factor, when you find love and that person who now seems to hold your heart simultaneously with theirs, do not forget your identity and your purpose. Though you may seem to be as one there are still some things you may have to accomplish by yourself. There are still places, possibly worlds away, that you may have to see and God might not always bring your most trusted and closest compadre. And never feel trapped by the fear that you will lose this person by experiencing life for yourself, instead have faith that they will support you until the end, because that is love.

So again there will be things you will have to do on your own but never be afraid to walk by yourself. Never be afraid because the entire universe is watching your destiny unfold. The moon and the stars rise anxious to see if you are fulfilling every second of your life and the sun brings light to make sure you can find your way. Never be afraid because you have the most exquisite Creator watching you, making sure that with every step he is there. So march on my friends! March on into the unknown never stifling or withholding your purpose, because it is, and will always be, much bigger than you expect.

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