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The Marketing Secret

This, my friends, is the secret to successful marketing.

Step One: Create anything.

Really, anything. It doesn’t need to even be that great. Just find something. It can even be something someone already has. Their product can even be better than yours, because they, my friend, don’t know the secret.

Step two: Tease them.

Get your name out. Tell people what your name is and that your product is awesome. Tell them that it is incredible. It might be smart to not tell them what it is or even what it does. If you have the bucks, pay someone that people like to share your teaser. Everyone in town is going to be curious of who the heck you are.

Step Three: Be exclusive.

Make people want you. People like to be on the inside. People like to be in a club. You even like clubs. So, give them what they want. Launch a “beta” version of your “whatever”. Give away like, 20 invites. People will be so jealous that they didn’t get one. Give them a few invites to give to their friends. Then those that they didn’t give one to will be jealous. Now you’ve got them tied around your fingers. They’re yours. Get ready to start rolling in the dough.

Look out for my next post where I will teach you the next critical move for your marketing plan..

Step Four: How to recover when you promised something great and didn’t deliver.

If you were stranded on a desert island..

If you know me at all, you would know that I am one who enjoys awkward moments. Creating them, embracing them, utilizing them.. the whole deal. I especially love calling out people who are shy and don’t like to talk, mostly because they make me feel uncomfortable.

So I was with a group of friends at Java’s a week or two ago, and one of my friends was being rather quiet. So I may or may not have singled her out and asked her a question:

If you were stranded on a desert island and could only bring one person, one household object, and one book, what would you bring?

Now of course I didn’t intend this to be a huge subject of conversation, I just wanted to break the silence and you know, be me. But this question went far beyond my intentions and ended up being discussed for a good hour or two. (And continued throughout the week through texting). Who knew?

So here are my answers:

Person: Jason Campbell
Household Object: French Press
Book: Crime and Punishment

What would you pick?

Coolest family video ever


This video is so adorable it makes me want to cry.. partially because I wasn’t amounting to that much at her age.

And you thought you were “special”.

Jason Upton @ TFH

Today I had the incredible experience of sitting in on a small discussion with Christian singer and songwriter Jason Upton. Now I hadn’t heard too much of his stuff before I heard he was coming to The Father’s House, but I knew he has had a huge impact on people that have had a huge impact on me. So in some strange linking of events, he’s made an impact on me.

What he said this afternoon that really resonated with me was how we let our own personal success cap us off from progressing any farther. We find this comfort when we reach a mountain top moment, where we want to hang out on top of the mountain for as long as we can. You see, we really like how it feels on top of the mountain. Our success is visible from all angles and we have “a name” for ourselves. But the absolute dumbest thing to do in this moment is assume we will succeed any farther. For that very moment is a result of the hard work and the experiences that had preceded it. Our next point of “success” must consist of more hard work and more experiences, meaning, we have to go in to the valley. For the valley is where we are to be creative, as we were made by God to be, to pursue what is further ahead.

I can think of many areas where in one point I have been stagnant in my creative and artist expression. In my spiritual life, in my studies, in my music, in my writing, in my message preparation..

Great thoughts from Jason Upton. Such a bummer I couldn’t make the show tonight though.

In what ways have you been stagnant and limited in your pursuit of personal creativity?

Many, many, deep spiritual and philosophical thoughts..

A couple days ago I tweeted “thinking about starting to blog again..” and got quite a few responses encouraging me to start up my blog again. It seems so daring to begin with, thinking about how much time I used to devote to blogging back in the day. There really is something unique and awesome about the community that can develop over a simple stream of websites.

So thinking about what to write about, wether to recap everything that’s happened in the past few months/years, or to revise one of the many half-written blogs I’ve written since then, or wether to describe where I am in life right now or how I’ve changed over the past year..

I’ve just decided to say hi. I’m back!

Mexico Missions: “Ocho Cinco!” – TFH Article (2 of ??)

At the tail end of this summer I was asked to write an article for my church’s newspaper that we were going to put out. Honored to contribute, I began rekindling all of my thoughts from the month prior. As much as I love to write, it was extremely difficult to put this story into words. After writing the article, I found out that I had to shorten in by quite a bit. As hard as it was write the 1400 or so words that I wrote, it was even harder to cut it to 400. So I wanted to share with you guys the full article.


I remember sitting in a writing class at my Christian college where we were given our first piece.. an essay on a defining moment in our life. So many students announced “missions trips” as their topic that our professor set a ground rule: No Missions Essays. Thank God. I mean, seriously. Who wants to hear someone gloat about their vacation? These were my thoughts while sitting in that classroom.

A month before the trip I was invited to go to Mexico along with some of our core students. Now I wasn’t too keen on the ‘missions idea’, but leading our students is something I could do. I gratefully accepted the invitation, the overwhelming sponsorship, and the burdening responsibility of raising money for the trip.

Arriving at the airport we saw familiar faces. Everyone was pumped. From that point on I was assured that we were being sent not just by a church but by God himself. (Did I mention Dave Smith was on board? I wasn’t sure if Mexico was ready for this!!)

We arrive at the worksite. I see a 5’x5’ house and am told that it housed three families. I peak in to this house (there was no door) and I see a baby on the bed. Not just a bed, but the bed. No one else was in the house. I am speechless. We are not in America any more.

Let the work begin. I’m not sure if I mentioned this, but I knew nothing about building a house! (Did anybody?!) But from that moment on I grew greatly appreciative of Dave Smith and Jeff Benedict. Two heroes in my book.

You may have noticed I haven’t mentioned the kids yet. Aren’t they what it’s all about? Absolutely. The reason I’ve struggled to bring them up in this article so far, and even in conversation since returning from the trip, is that I am simply without words. How do I describe how intimately I saw Jesus through these kids? My mind cannot handle the beauty in each one, and how each is ignored and neglected. Estrella, Dadiana, Paloma, Gabi, Roberto, Daniella. These are the names of the faces and the hearts that changed my life.

We made a world of a difference to those kids. We did not build each one of them a house nor fix their problems. What we did do is show each one of them the love of Jesus, an outpouring of the love that Christ has shown us. We deposited something inside them that nothing in this world could take away. Because of this, I have changed.

Most importantly I have learned how to treat my Savior. For without His grace we deserve nothing, and every good and perfect thing comes from Him.

All it took was that one phone call to rock my world.. Perhaps this could be your phone call? Think about it. Pray about it. Then make it happen.

Mexico Missions: “Ocho Cinco!” – Bragging Rights (1 of ??)

As many of you know, I just got back from a week long missions trip with my church to Reynosa, Mexico where we built a house for a family that was in need. Not only did we build, but we ministered to a whole community that was in need as well. This trip totally rocked my world, and I am just beginning to make sense of it. I’m learning that I experienced all these things so that I can fill you in on them. I can’t make you see what I saw, but I can teach you what I learned.


Coming from this trip I learned a lot. I’m gonna share with you what I learned through a series of posts. I don’t know how many. Probably a lot.

But first.

I want to share with you the kids. Not just so this can become like one of those commercials on TV that break your heart or strike your gut because of the cute children. Thats not my goal. Thats not my motive.

These kids somehow became a part of me.

I see them when I close my eyes.

They’re in my dreams.

They’re on my background.

They’ve changed my life.

But I can’t make the names Estrella, Dadiana, Paloma, Gabi, Roberto, and Daniella mean anything to you.

Because they’re my kids. Not yours. But.. I want to show them off. Enjoy.


Today I’m peacin’ out of California and heading back home to the ROC.
Starting out at a bumpy start.. my plane got delayed and I got rerouted.. resulting in me not getting home till 11:48pm tonight.
Now I’m an airport lover, so this isn’t too big of a deal for me. But thats 12 hours. About which half is me sitting on my butt in two different airports. TIme to find something to do.  Right?
I opened Chico (my macbook) and looked for some free internet to use. Turns out, NONE. All cost $$. I have $23.25 to my name because my debit card was shut off.
So using my intuitive thinking and technical experience I pulled out my iPhone and googled “Free wifi LAX airport”. I came up with this story that I found pretty interesting.
One of the latest scams is sweeping airports and public places nation wide. There are hackers that open up networks from their laptop computers disguised as “Free Public WiFi” connections. Once a bored, un-expecting traveler logs on (hmm..), this gives the hacker complete access to their computer. Any information that the user types or access goes straight through the hackers computer, giving them free reign over all information. They can also plant malicious software that can remain on the computer so the hacker can access it from wherever the user may travel.
So I take a look:
Notice how its a device and not a connection. A sign of the scam. Looks pretty appealing though right? If I saw that before I read about the scam.. I would have been SUCKED IN. (I was really bored). LAX is famous for these.
Now there are several places in scripture where believers are warned not to be taken astray by false teachers. Once being in Colossians starting in 2.8 when he says
See to it that no one takes you captive by philosophy and empty deceit, according to human tradition, according to the elemental spirits of the world, and not according to Christ.  For in him the whole fullness of deity dwells bodily,  and you have been filled in him, who is the head of all rule and authority.
Now how many of us (myself included) take in every word our pastor spits out? Or the Christian author with the best-selling book? Most of us. But how do we know who we can listen to? Who knows what they are talking about and who doesn’t? If we listen to everybody, we could be letting ourselves be taken captive. We could be letting some malicious, dangerous stuff come in to our minds.
Now I am not saying that you shouldn’t listen to your pastor. I am not saying you shouldn’t read good books. But I am saying we should be careful. Because for in who does the fullness of God dwell bodily? Who is the head of all rule and authority? He is. That’s Christ. The author of Colossians is making it reallll obvious.
Therefore, as you received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk in him,  rooted and built up in him and established in the faith, just as you were taught, abounding in thanksgiving.
Any word we hear.. and message.. any podcast.. any book we read.. should be thought on with Christ and your Bible. Because we’re human. We’re pretty stupid. We’ll go for anything that’s packaged nicely. Bad teaching is often dressed very well.
FREE WIFI. Be careful what you click on!