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Umm, sorry blogosphere.

Ok, so where the heck did February go? Today’s March 1st. Holy smokes. Well here’s a quick update on my life.

Red Letter Statement
We spent a week at Bluebrick recordings in Avon with Jesse Sprinkle recording our new E.P, the Lighter. It was an incredible week. We spent a whole lot of time together, which was awesome for the most part. Of course we got on each others nerves, but for the most part, we got to relax and hang. It was sweet hanging with Jesse for the week.. we really are big fans of him. The recordings turned out really well and I’m really proud of them. We have a lot of exciting news, and can’t wait to get it out.
I’m actually typing this at the California Brew Haus in Greece right now before sound check. You should totally come. It’s a battle of the bands.
It’s nuts. I’m really freaking busy. But, besides that, it’s cool.
Phil Freaking Keaggy
This is guy is so nuts. Best guitar player, period. He played at my church this weekend. He did a concert last night.. just him. He stands there, and makes wonderful music that makes me happy inside and out. Check him out below.

I met this girl a while ago. Now we date. She’s really really really cool.
..I’ll blog more. I promise. Good thing I twitter, or you would think I died!

RLS Podcast #6

From the studio, made courtesey of Amy Bartholomew.

hey, that kinda rhymed. enjoy.

The Pedalboard

This has been my latest project. I’ve been working over the last couple months on putting together a pedalboard. For those who are clueless, this a rig that includes all my effects pedals and stompboxs to have in front of me while I play guitar. I used to have a Boss ME-50 guitar processor (which I’m selling btw) which was pretty nice, but you can get such better tones and customization out of individual pedals. Some of this stuff was courtesy of Brian Jackson, and the rest I invested in. Here’s what I got so far:

Boss DD-7 Digital Delay

Boss DS-1 Distortion

Boss  FS-5U Footswitch (tap temp for delay)

Ibanez TS-9 Tubescreamer

Boss Chromatic Tuner

Ernie Ball Sr. Volume Pedal

VOX Wah Pedal

powered by ONESPOT

as you can see, their’s room for one new stompbox.. any suggestions?

RLS Podcast #3: The Black Man Report

RLS Podcast #3: The Black Man Report from Sean Pritzkau on Vimeo.

Band practice makes me tired

It’s Sunday. My band, Red Letter Statement practices every week after church. Sometimes it’s awesome and sometimes its frustrating. Right now it’s like in between. We went through our set list for the Oct 31st show and now we’re multi-track recording one of our songs called South of Heavy. Its turning out really good. We recorded another podcast which we’ll upload to myspace and facebook, and I’ll probably throw it up here. The frustrating part about today is just getting on the same page with recording and everything. But as of now we’ve recorded everything instrumentally but bass and we’ll probably wrap up vocals tomorrow. 

Sweet that gave me something to do while I wasn’t laying down tracks!

RLS Podcast #1

RLS Podcast #1 from Sean Pritzkau on Vimeo.

I found us!

I just googled “Red Letter Statement” and found a video of us from one of our shows that none of us posted! First fan video? Sweet!

John Tedone’s Benefit Show

Last week we played a show at the Penny Arcade that was a benefit show for John Tedone. John was a graduate of Olympia from a few years ago who recently passed away. From what I’ve heard he was an awesome guy and a lot consider him the best person they have ever met. He undergone a serious problem with depression for three years and his life ended with suicide. Please keep John and his family in your prayers while they cope with his lost. Here is a an article of the show. Check out the rest of the bands from Rochester that we played with: